octubre 4, 2023

“Tulsa’s expert Guitar Man: experto en tocar, construir y reparar instrumentos”

En el mundo de la guitarra, hay verdaderos artistas que no solo dominan la técnica en el escenario, sino que también tienen conocimientos profundos en la construcción y reparación de este instrumento. Este es el caso de Tulsa’s true Guitar Man, un experto en la guitarra que destaca no solamente por su habilidad en la ejecución musical, sino también por su habilidad para construir y reparar guitarras. Con años de experiencia en el mundo de la música y una pasión inquebrantable por la guitarra, este talentoso artista se ha convertido en una referencia para muchos músicos y aficionados de la guitarra. En este artículo, conoceremos más sobre la carrera y habilidades de Tulsa’s true Guitar Man.

Seth Lee Jones

Seth Lee Jones performs at the The Colony every Thursday.

Bundling his prowess on the instrument, his ability to repair the instrument and his skill in building the instrument from scratch, Seth Lee Jones qualifies as Tulsa’s true Guitar Man.

Within the Tulsa music industry, there is no more respected figure than the 38-year-old Jones — a genius guitarist with a powerful voice that perfectly complements his playing. 

At the age of 12, Jones was learning the piano. While in a music store, he watched a guy play the opening lick on the Yes hit “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” Jones picked up a guitar and perfectly replicated what he’d heard. In that moment, he became a Guitar Man.

Jones took lessons at a Firey Brothers store. At his family’s church, he played music with his parents, grandfather and uncle. At 16, Jones secured a student loan so he could study at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, where he became a certified guitar expert and learned more about various tunings.

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Seth Lee Jones

Seth Lee Jones builds 25-30 guitars a year.

For the great majority of his playing today, his guitars are tuned to an open D major. He pulls a fascinating array of sounds from his favorite guitar — a tricked-up, beat-up and yet beautiful Telecaster. Jones is a brilliant player but still learns from other brilliant players. He has taken lessons from Tulsa guitar wizard Paul Benjaman.

There was the hope of a music career in California, but Jones ultimately realized that “there are a zillion guitar players out there. You’ve got to be connected to really make it (in a band) or as a session player.”

He returned to Tulsa, establishing SLJ Guitars — his guitar-repair/guitar-building workshop — while performing as a fantastic slide player and soulful vocalist. To sample the essence of Jones as a modest dynamo in a T-shirt and jeans, check out his “Tulsa Time” and “Long Distance Call” videos on YouTube.

Jones builds 25-30 guitars a year. When he performs, he’s aware that other guitar people are in the audience.

“If I’m playing a guitar that I made, and I’m playing the (expletive) out of it, then someone might say, ‘That sounds pretty good. I want that guitar,’ ” Jones said. “Basically, being onstage is marketing what I can do with building or fixing guitars.”

Seth Lee Jones

Seth Lee Jones, shown performing at the The Colony, can be considered Tulsa’s Guitar Man.

During a standard Jones show, 30% of the setlist would be original tunes. He covers classics and hidden gems from all genres. He covers Jimi Hendrix and Dire Straits, but never “Mustang Sally.”

“I wouldn’t be caught dead covering a song like ‘Mustang Sally’ — a song that has been beaten to death by so many other bands in town,” Jones explained.

Jones mentioned that he needed 12 years to erase his student-loan debt. His Los Angeles experience enhanced his genius-level ability on the guitar. It seems to have been a great investment.

Even the elite among Tulsa guitarists will hear Jones’ work and ask, “How does he do that? How does he get that sound?”

Find Jones every Thursday at The Colony bar at 2809 S. Harvard Ave. 

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Sin duda, la pasión por la guitarra no tiene límites y Tulsa’s true Guitar Man es un claro ejemplo de ello. Este hombre no solo es un experto en tocarla a la perfección, sino que además sabe construirla y repararla como nadie. En Guitarralia, nos encanta compartir historias de personas que transmiten su amor por la música y por este instrumento en particular. Por eso, desde aquí le brindamos nuestro más sincero reconocimiento y esperamos que continúe haciendo vibrar las cuerdas de la guitarra por mucho tiempo más. ¡Hasta la próxima!

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