diciembre 10, 2023
Best electric guitars under $500/£500 2022

Best electric guitars under $500/£500 2022

So, you’re on the hunt for one of the best electric guitars under $500/£500? In that case, you’ll probably have noticed that the sheer number of options in this bracket is staggering! Regardless of your musical leaning, you’re sure to find a stellar axe that is just as capable of taking centre stage as it is at accompanying you on the sofa at home. We’d go as far as to say we are living in the golden age of affordable instruments, with vintage reissues from Squier, hard-rocking options from Epiphone, and fully-loaded six-strings from Music Man among the best on offer.

While there’s a sea of wallet-friendly guitars out there, it doesn’t mean all of them are a catch. Yes, inexpensive guitars are built better than ever before, but that doesn’t stop poorly made instruments from flooding the market. So, it’s worth doing a little research before splashing your hard-earned cash on a new guitar. Luckily, we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you, tracking down what we feel are the best electric guitars available right now for under $500/£500. 

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