diciembre 10, 2023
Best cheap guitar pedals 2022

Best cheap guitar pedals 2022

Guitar pedals can make your sonic dreams come true, but they can also financially cripple you if you’re not careful. It seems everywhere you turn these days, there’s a new “boutique pedal builder” popping up with yet another hot take on a classic circuit. Now, while we love to see creative new versions of classic pedals lovingly crafted in someone’s shed, we could do without the eye-watering price tags. While on the surface, it can look like effects pedals are getting increasingly expensive – and in some cases, they are – this guide to the best cheap guitar pedals proves that you can still get killer-sounding effects for a very reasonable price.

Of course, it would be easy for us to simply pull together a list of the off-brand, shoddily made pedals that plague Amazon and eBay, but really, there are a wealth of sturdy options from the biggest names in pedals that won’t cost you the earth. Better yet, some of these pedals are actually considered stompbox royalty. We have stellar options from Electro-Harmonix and TC Electronic, legendary units from Ibanez and Pro Co, as well as a few pedals we’d class as our favourites of all time, regardless of price. 

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