diciembre 10, 2023
25 great blues-rock guitar licks you can learn now

25 great blues-rock guitar licks you can learn now

A definitive list of 25 licks spanning the entire blues-rock universe is a contentious thing; we’d all come up with different results. These are simply a set of phrases that could form the core of a superb lick armoury – something that, if you were just starting out, would send you happily into the fray; and which, if you’ve been playing for years might fill out a tired or depleted quiver of arrows.

The truth for any musician is that it’s important to have a grasp on the history and evolution of a musical style, and how the various traits of influential players from each era are related. For example, how is Muddy Waters’ You Need Love connected to Jimmy Page?

We’ve put together a rundown of the most favoured components, be it harmonically, rhythmically or articulation wise, that reappear in licks from players from the ’40s through to today

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